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We pride ourselves on being the best in the field of factory facilities with rich experience and competitiveness in domestic as well as overseas markets. We also have various construction records in logistics facilities such as E-Mart Yeoju Logistics Center, the largest in Asia. We help create new value for factories and distribution facilities.

Factory & Warehouse


Business performance

  • 2021 Samsung Biologics Edison-4 (Samsung Engineering)

  • 2021 Simseok-ri Logistics Center, Ganam-eup, Yeoju-si (Dongin Construction)

  • 2021 Daepo-dong Logistics Center, Icheon-si (Dongin Construction)

  • 2020 Lotte Central Region MEGA HUB Terminal New Construction (Lotte E&C)

  • 2020 Coupang Geumwang Industrial Complex Logistics Center (Gyeryong Construction Industry)

  • 2020 Incheon Wonchang-dong Low Temperature Logistics Center (Seyoung Construction)

  • 2020 Coupang Logistics Center Construction Project (Hyundai E&C)

  • 2019 M16PH-1 Project (SK E&C)

  • 2019 Lotte Food Gimcheon Factory Extension Construction (Lotte E&C)

  • 2019 Hyundai Livart Yongin Factory Extension Construction (Charmzone Construction)

  • 2018 Pyeongtaek FAB 2nd new construction (Samsung C&T)

  • 2017 Dongtan Logistics Center (Daelim Industrial)

  • 2017 Hynix M15 FABCUB Project (SK E&C)

  • 2016 ACS Technopolis Factory Extension (Samjin CNC)

  • 2016 Ilsan Sikdong 1300K Logistics Center (Kymyung Industrial Development)

  • 2015 FAB building during 2015 P-PJT FAB construction (Samsung C&T)

  • 2015 Lotte Chilsung Beer Factory 2 Construction (Lotte E&C)

  • 2015 Electronics Pyeongtaek P-PJT UT Building (Samsung Engineering)

  • 2015 Motonic Co., Ltd. Seongju Plant Construction (Dongjin Construction)

  • 2014 Orion Suji Logistics Center New Construction (Posco Engineering)

  • 2014 Incheon Airport Customs Express Logistics Center (Dongjin Construction)

  • 2014 Yujiint Technopolis Factory Construction (Jisung Construction)

  • 2014 Hanyang ENG Co., Ltd. Gajae-ri factory new construction (Hwain Construction)

  • 2013 Samik Autotech Gyeongsan Jinryang Factory Construction (Hongseong Construction)

  • 2013 PNDT Yeongcheon Factory Construction (Samah Construction)

  • 2013 Hwashin Tech Co., Ltd. Technopolis new factory construction (Dongwoo Construction)

  • 2013 Pyeonghwa Precision Co., Ltd. Munsan Factory Construction (Samjin CNC)

  • 2012 Black Yak Yongin Logistics Center New Construction (Halla)

  • 2012 Samik Autotech Co., Ltd. Gyeongsan Jinryang Factory Construction (Hongseong Construction)

  • 2012 Willow Pump Busan Factory Construction (Halla)

  • 2012 Inalpha Korea 2nd factory construction (Daekyung Construction)

  • 2012 Canon Korea Ansan new factory (Lotte E&C)

  • 2011 Dongyang Electric Co., Ltd. Asan Factory Construction (Daekyung Construction)

  • 2011 Dongyang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. Changwon Factory 5th Factory Extension Construction (Daekyung Construction)

  • 2009 Yeongnam Area Combined Cargo Terminal and Inland Container Base Private Investment Facility (Gold Mining Company)

  • 2008 STX Enpaco Daegu Factory Construction (STX Construction)

  • 2008 Mungyeong Base Production Distribution Center (APC) (Hyundai Engineering)

  • 2007 Daehyun Tech Co., Ltd. Dalseong Factory Construction

  • 2006 E.G Factory

  • 2006 Semes new factory

  • 2006 Shinshinsan Goryeo Steel

  • 2006 Pyeonghwa Precision Industry