Dynamic Solution High Innovation

D.M.S System

D.M.S is a construction system that allows you to move on rails by attaching wheels to a steel frame prefabricated building system (PEB), and to perform more efficient processes when working with large structures such as ships and plants that are vulnerable to climate change.

New & Renewable Energy

We aim to become a Total Energy Provider for the new and renewable energy business,
which is expected to grow rapidly as a next-generation industry based on various technologies accumulated over the years.

  • Public future energy

    A long-term development and dissemination policy is needed to create a market and secure economic feasibility
  • Environmentally friendly clean energy

    Almost no carbon dioxide emission from fossil fuel use.
  • technology energy

    Energy resources can be secured through R&D
  • non-depleting energy

    Consists of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power


It has an affiliated technology research institute in Korea to enhance its competitiveness, and has achieved outstanding results in structural design, architectural design and supervision, and indoor/outdoor remodeling, especially in overseas projects.


We export technologies and systems in various fields such as factories, residential facilities,
and buildings to the world, and provide only the best with many construction know-how.