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High Rise Building

With differentiated technology and know-how, we have secured expertise in building construction. We have accumulated experience in various fields such as business facilities, education, commercial facilities, and sports facilities.

High Rise Building


Business performance

  • 2022 Daegu Daemyeong-dong Residential/Commercial Complex 1st Gold Class (Bokwang Construction)

  • 2021 Hillstate Dalseong Park Station (Hyundai E&C)

  • 2021 Dongdaegu Dongwha I-WISH residential complex construction (Donghwa Housing)

  • 2020 Haeundae Middle East Swissen (KCC)

  • 2019 Jukjeon Station Dongwha I-WISH new construction (Donghwa Construction)

  • 2019 Baekseok Station The Live Style (SGC E-Tech E&C)

  • 2018 Janggi-dong Inter-Burgo Residential/Commercial Complex New Construction (Inter-Burgo Construction)

  • 2018 Gayang-dong Knowledge Industry Center Construction (SGC E-Tech Construction)

  • 2017 Yongsan International Building Area 4 Urban Redevelopment Project (Hyosung)

  • 2016 Isaac Cube officetel construction in Duryu-dong, Daegu (Tongyang Construction)

  • 2016 Haeundae LCT complex development project (POSCO E&C)

  • 2012 Dongdaegu Seohan Kobo County New Construction (Seohan)

  • 2012 Beomeo-dong Building Construction (Posco Engineering)

  • 2011 Kim's Building Construction (Seohan)

  • 2009 Daegu Trade Center New Construction (Hwaseong Industrial)

  • 2008 STX Ocean Tower (STX Construction)

  • 2008 Ssangnim-dong, Jung-gu Urban Environment Improvement Project (Ssangyong E&C)