Dynamic Solution High Innovation


The symbol of Dongsung Heavy Industries means the endless challenge of Dongsung for the future.

The appearance of various lines extending towards a single goal symbolizes that members of Dongsung Heavy Industries cooperate with each other and move toward the same ideal point with one mind, and the lines moving toward the ideal are expressed together with straight lines and curves. It expresses the sustainable management image of Dongsung Heavy Industries, which is creating a new era through innovation and innovation.


The logo type is divided into the basic type and the English type.


Korean signature

English signature

The signature is a combination of a symbol mark and a logo type, and it is used by selecting a combination suitable for the application situation.


  • RED

    CMYK 0/100/81/4
    RGB 255/0/42
    HEX #e1002a


    CMYK 0/0/0/100
    RGB 35/24/21
    HEX #231815


Character - Donghyuk

Based on the company logo of Dongsung Heavy Industries, it is a character that expresses the philosophy and direction of Dongsung Heavy Industries.

It is an enterprising and bright character that expresses the hard and heavy image of heavy industry in a bright and friendly way so that you can approach it intimately. Donghyuk's name means 'innovation' in 'Dongsung', and it has become an icon of innovation and challenge that shines brightly like the vision of Dongsung Heavy Industries, and contains the image of colleagues who work and live together.