Dynamic Solution High Innovation

The diverse technical manpower of Dongsung Heavy Industries is doing its best to become a first-class company through active response and innovation to a diversified society.

Our research institute is concentrating on the development of practical and leading technologies to enhance technological competitiveness, and the researchers use their accumulated knowledge and know-how to win construction orders and solve problems in the field, and do their best for the development of construction technology. Technology through progressive thinking and maximization of organizational capabilities is the driving force of Dongsung Heavy Industries.

R&D Technology Center Role Guide

  • Securing design engineering capabilities, strengthening construction competitiveness

  • Key element technology acquisition and technology promotion and education

  • Government R&D performance and academic paper presentation

  • Hosting industry-university joint research and seminar activities

  • Securing mid- to long-term strategic technology

Research field

  • 01 Pre-Engineered Building System
  • 02 Design and construction of large space structures
  • 03 Composite structural system
  • 04 Development of new structure system
  • 05 steel structure joint
  • 06 Industrialization and componentization system
  • 07 Building structural design and analysis programming
  • 08 Seismic performance evaluation and design/construction technology
  • 09 Safety diagnosis and repair/reinforcement method
  • 10 Monitoring of maintenance technology of structures

Government R&D projects experience

  • Development of large-scale building construction technology (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, 6-year task / commissioned research institute)

  • 기Development and utilization of technology for long-span steel frame structure rural facilities to overcome extreme weather events (Small and Medium Business Administration 1 year / Supervised research institute)

  • Development of Moving Shelter Safety Diagnosis System Using External Impact Analysis Technique (the Small and Medium Business Administration one-year/research institute)

  • Development of variable movable three-dimensional truss system for tunnel construction (two-year project by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport / participating company)

  • Development of integrated design engineering technology for retractable large space buildings (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 7-year project/participating company)

R&D technology center certificate