Dynamic Solution High Innovation

Since its establishment in 1992, Dongsung Heavy Industries has excelled in the general construction business, starting with the construction industry specializing in steel structures. We are continuously growing based on a stable management foundation by successfully carrying out large and external projects.

As a global company that is active not only in Korea but also in Vietnam, India, Côte d'Ivoire, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Poland, Bangladesh, Taiwan, etc., Donsung is growing into a domestic and world-class company. We are realizing customer satisfaction management by providing quality and the best service.

In order to become a world-class company through sustainable management, Dongsung Heavy Industries will strengthen the voices of each member and communicate with them with an innovative spirit that constantly pursues a change to realize sustainable customer value by becoming one with all executives and employees.

We promise to present value beyond the best quality and service to our customers who always give us deep interest and love.
We hope that you will continue to give us advice and encouragement in the future, and we wish you and your family and business always full of happiness.
Thank you.

Dongsung Heavy Industries & Construction Kang Minseok.